Roger Jellinek“Publishers are always fighting the last battle, and still continue to insist that all Young Adult book characters remain the same age as the readers of Harry Potter, the series that began being published back in 1998.

When I shared this work with my former colleagues in the large publishing houses, the writing, the characters, the dialogue, and the epic world of Kealohilani’s HALF-HEARTS was highly praised by almost all. But the main reason for rejecting the work? The age of the characters! They had the audacity to grow older than seventeen years old.

‘YA’ is the euphemism publishers use for teenage readers. The Harry Potter series is credited with single-handedly reviving reading among teenagers, and establishing the YA category at a new bestselling scale. But it seems no one is publishing for readers who have become truly…Young Adults. Consider how many of the 450 million readers of Harry Potter now have nothing to read.

I decided that Half-Hearts did not deserve to be relegated to the label of being”self-published.” Self-published means that only the author believed in his or her book enough to put money behind it. Et voila! Jellinek and Murray Publishing was created in order to give birth to this epic trilogy.”

– Roger Jellinek