“The female Tolkien.”
~ says Mark Kubr, stunt man and actor from the Iron Man movies

“At 24 Kealohilani is probably not only our youngest but also our most precocious and ambitious client. She has just completed the first volume of a trilogy, a big, intricate dystopian fantasy YA novel. As her synopsis says: Half-Hearts belongs to the classic fantasy genre that has been so strikingly successful: it will appeal to those who loved the mythical adventures of Lord of the Rings, the magic of Harry Potter, the romantic lure of Twilight, the whimsical other-world setting of The Chronicles of Narnia, and the dystopian commentary of The Hunger Games.

“The Half-Hearts trilogy has some startlingly original premises: 1) two parallel worlds, one dedicated to progressive technology, the other to ancient magic, are suddenly and fatefully linked by an evil destiny; 2) there is hope in the form of the possible union of a pair of Half-Hearts; 3) a heroine not altogether unlike the Author who finds herself in the story she is writing; and 4) the concept of multiple soul mates (meaning that there are a number of people who could be “the one,” so that if one dies, there could be another).

“It is concepts like these combined with truly engaging writing that make Kealohilani a unique author and one to be watched”
~Roger Jellinek

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